ZiiiT Quix Zuper Strength Serum


Ziiit Quix Zuper Strength Serum Acne

Serum Concentrations Stop Acne Distract

Size : 5 g

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ZiiiT Quix Zuper Strength Serum

Size : 5 g

For Inflame Acne/ Big Acne/ who need quick result within 3 hrs. *Main Ingredient:- *Thyme Oil – help reducing skin inflammation *Salicylic Acid – kill bacteria which will caused acne *Glycolic Acid – help peel off cell *Carob – Renew skin with natural extract like natural skin repair *Use daily 2-3 times only on acne spot area. The concentrated serum will melt fat under your skin and gone. Just 3 hours after applying, you will feel like it is working attentively under your acne area, just leave it. Your acne will dry and gone over night.

FDA notification number : 10-1-5535491

Directions : Use after face cleansing on acne areas at least 3 times or more per day

Ingredients : ziiit, acne care, serum