HAZELINE Snow Moisturizing Cream 100g


HAZELINE Snow Moisturizing Cream

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Original HAZELINE Snow Moisturizing Cream

Size : 100 g

HAZELINE – a scientific discovery of the natural and unique nature of your skin. With the strong scientific support, HAZELINE has dedicated you to a range of natural skin care products specifically designed for your skin care needs.
HAZELINE extracts the best ingredients from nature, giving you a gentle and effective skin care program, and naturally care for your smooth, soft skin.
Its implication of “water moisturizing ingredients” can naturally protect the skin, so that your skin is not greasy, not dry, dry.
• Hydromoisturisers*, a pure natural water nourishing ingredient complemented by scientific methods.100%, no fat formula, give you no shiny light mining.Fresh, cool and gentle, natural and gentle to protect your smooth skin.[method of use] every morning and evening after cleansing, directly Sassafras face.