MOOI Keratin Hair Treatment


MOOI Keratin Hair Treatment

Size : 300 g

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MOOI Keratin Hair Treatment Damage Smooth Coloring Blow Dry


Size : 300 g


          Mooi Keratin hair treatment is the key protein into the hair to help restore hair dry and damaged hair back healthy and frizz your hair up to 95% of the ingredients are keratin concentration, making it more efficient.

          Mooi Keratin hair treatment contains keratin concentration. You can restore hair effectively with innovative nano. The cream will rise over the head restore hair back to good health again.

         Mooi Keratin hair treatment into the hair will be heated pushed into the hair (how to steam) on hair with Mooi Keratin hair treatment regularly, the hair will gradually get back the better the end result is. I look healthy, vibrant look weigh the hair shiny and soft dimensions immediately after use.


–  Restoring damaged hair

–  Curly hair straight

–  Block the hair straight

–  Allow me to pass the straight life.

–  Gives hair beautiful.

–  I was a little thin hair look thicker with more weight.

–  A mixture of keratin formula much.

–  Innovative Nanotechnology Take a little break over the head.


After cleaning hair Put for treatment on the hair, leave for 10-15 minutes covered with a shower cap. Then rinse and dry.Or steam first time in a week to see results faster. The keratin is broken down more quickly absorbed into the hair.