Hair Color Excellence Deep Cover 621 Deep Dark Blonde


L’oreal Excellence Deep Cover 621 Deep Dark Blonde

Hair Colore Creme

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L’oreal Excellence Deep Cover 621 Deep Dark Blonde

New Excellence Deep Cover – Discover the richest care for the richest deep cover
With Exclusive Technology for difficult -To- Color Hair
– Contain Hi-Covering Pigments that deeply saturate even resistant, difficult to color hair for a radient uniform colo
– Contain Advance Triple Protection for the richer thatn ever Long lasting care and color
– Cover even difficult-to-color hair

FDA notification number : 10-2-6005278

Directions ;

1. Apply color mixture first to your roots and stubborn greys. Part your hair into small, even sections using the applicator tip. Then spread it all through the hair.
2. Massage mixture all through hair until fully saturated. Pour unused color mix down the drain. In case any color gets on your skin, clean with damp cotton. Let it develop for 30 minutes.
3. Pour a little warm water on the hair and massage gently. Rinse throughly until water runs clear. Evenly spread protective conditioner all over the hair. Massage gently.