Fucidin Cream 15 g


Fucidin Cream (Sodium fusidate)

Antibiotic for skin infections

size : 15 g

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Fucidin Cream (Sodium fusidate)

size : 15 g

Fucidin cream :

Contains the active ingredient : Fusidic Acid which is a type of medicine called an antibiotic

Fucidin cream is used to treat skin infections caused by bacteria, in particular staphylococcal bacteria. These may include the following:
Infected hair follicles (folliculitis).
Skin infection around the nails (paronychia).
Infected eczema.
Infected wounds.

Fusidic acid works by stopping bacteria from producing essential proteins. Without these proteins the bacteria cannot grow, replicate and increase in numbers. Fusidic acid doesn’t directly kill the bacteria, but leaves them unable to increase in numbers. The remaining bacteria eventually die or are destroyed by the immune system. This clears up the infection.

How do you use

Apply the cream or ointment to the infected area of skin three or four times a day, as directed by your doctor. Your doctor will usually ask you to use the cream or ointment for 7 to 10 days.

  • Wash your hands before applying the cream or ointment.
  • Apply the cream or ointment in a thin layer to the infected area of skin and rub it in gently.
  • If your doctor has told you to cover the treated area with a bandage or other dressing, you may not need to apply the cream or ointment as often. Follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • Wash your hands after applying the cream or ointment, unless you’re treating your hands.
  • Take care to avoid getting the cream or ointment in the eyes, particularly if you’re treating an infection on the face. If you accidentally get it in your eyes, rinse them thoroughly with plenty of water.