Collomak Solution


Collomak Solution

Removal – Warts – Skin – Corn – Callouses

Size : 10 ml

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Collomak Solution

Size : 10 ml

Collomak Solution Salicylic Acid 20% – Removal – Warts – Skin – Corn – Callouses

Collomak : keratolytic for external use only

For the removal of corns, warts and callus. Apply 1 drop of the solution in the morning and in the evening, After a few days of treatment a hot bath is indicated in order to achieve detachment of the corn.


– brings a soothing relief of pain soon after application, it dries quickly

– to be applied twice a day directly on corns, After a few days’ application, corns can be removed. when applying between toes. it is advisable to protect the healthy skin with zinc oxide ointment.

– to be applied twice a day directly on calluses, after an application of 3-4 days soak foot in hot water and peel off loose parts. if the callus persists, continue Collomak applications until it can be removed completely.

– to be applied twice a day directly on warts. Small to medium-size warts disappear after a few days application. Soaking the affected area in hot water has a supporting effect. 

 Composition (per 10g)

– Salicylic acid          2.0g

– Lactic acid              0.5g

– Polidocanal            0.2g